Posted on July 04, 2013

We've long been taught that the founding fathers led the American Revolution as a response to the tyranny of their British overlords. But what if there was another reason, one that was so unspeakably dirty that it was wiped from the history books forever? This Independence Day, Krissy Lynn, Jenna Presley, Juelz Ventura and Nicole Aniston reveal the real life events that led to the foundation of the greatest country in the world, America the booby-ful.

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Posted on February 02, 2013

Krissy Lynn just can't get enough! She's back for yet another ass busting with Keiran! And this duo doesn't disappoint. Krissy's ass gets oilier than ever before in this incredible installment!

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Posted on December 02, 2012

Watch famous porn star Krissy Lynn get a massage she won't forget.

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Posted on November 07, 2012

Hot-tempered Krissy Lynn was an unhappy wife after she found out her husband Keiran cheated on her with Brittney Banxxx while she was away on a business trip. To revenge herself, she made Keiran and Brittney watch her having sex with Brittney's husband Charles. When this turmoil turns into a steamy foursome, will this so-called couples therapy cure Krissy's rage for good?

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Posted on October 02, 2012

Krissy Lynn is a smalltown Sheriff who has just been given word that there are a bunch of slick city smut peddlers allegedly shooting porn illegally in her fine town. With a camera crew following her as witness, Sheriff Lynn busts onto the set only to find a pathetically mediocre porno being shot... and even worse... they have all of the proper paperwork and permits to shoot it! To avoid further embarrassment, she decidely remains on set to ensure no 'illegalities' occur and soon finds herself giving pointers and eventually participating in the scene itself!

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Posted on August 06, 2012

Mick is a famous actor adored and obsessed over by his fans. One day he comes home to find a DVD mysteriously left on his coffee table. Curiosity getting the better of him, Mick watches the DVD and sees Krissy Lynn fucking herself in the ass with a dildo in his bedroom. Krissy has clearly taken her love of Mick to a whole new level. Mick goes up to his room to investigate and finds Krissy waiting on his bed. Krissy won't leave until Mick pounds her asshole. Mick has no choice but to wreck her asshole with his massive cock if he ever wants her to leave.

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Posted on April 14, 2012

Krissy Lynn, Mackenzie Pierce and Juelz Ventura are three gun loving babes whose only other passions are fucking and sucking huge cocks. After a serious shooting session at the range, these gals get so pumped up on adrenaline that their libidos blow up into a frenzy. As bullets trigger wet pussies, the rush forces them into an orgy that will leave your gun shooting high up in the air for more!

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Posted on February 27, 2012

Krissy Lynn is horny as hell. She's just minding her business, hanging out around the pool. But something is missing... a big cock. Lucky for her, her friend Tony has set up a play mate for her. When she goes back inside the house, she's thrilled to find James waiting for her. Time for some fun!

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Posted on January 11, 2012

Krissy Lynn wants to go to a sex club she heard her friend talking about. She's getting off work early and wants to go have some fun. Krissy gets the special password from her friend to get in and she's off. Once inside, she finds the place empty except for a bartender. He tells her to go see behind the curtains to find what she's there for. She finds two hard giant cocks sticking out of the wall waiting just for her. It isn't long before she whips out her amazing tits and starts sucking and slurping. Krissy works hard for what she wants and right now she wants to be filled with cock.

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Posted on January 07, 2012

Krissy Lynn is applying for a clerical position at Keiran's company. The only thing is, her job experience lies more in the stripper-hooker category than that of a secretary. Needless to say, Keiran takes advantage of this and asks her to give him a taste of the kind of thing Krissy was known to do prior to applying for this position.

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